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Semen Analysis Update

The National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council (NPAAC) guidelines for semen analysis have recently been updated, reflecting the World Health Organisation (WHO) Standards. 

These standards recommend that semen analysis, for both fertility assessment and post vasectomy testing, has to be performed on the specimen within one hour of collection. Therefore, specimens should be delivered to the laboratory within 45 minutes of collection to satisfy this requirement.

Where a specimen is received outside this time zone, it will still be analysed. If parameters are outside the appropriate range, a comment will be included with the report, suggesting that a recollect occurs with delivery of the specimen much sooner after collection.

Metropolitan Laboratory Sites for drop off only

Central Laboratory Heidelberg

18 Banksia Street
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Ph (03) 9244 0444


Frankston Hospital Laboratory

2 Hastings Road
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-12pm
Ph (03) 9784 7555

Regional Laboratory Sites for drop off only 
(Note: Please contact lab if fertility testing required)


Benalla & District Memorial Hospital

Ground Floor, Coster Street
M-F 9am-6pm
Ph (03) 5761 428

Albury Hospital

Borella Rd 
M-F 7.30am-3.30pm
Ph (02) 6041 5375

Ballarat Hospital

104 Drummond St North 
M-F 8am-5.30pm
Ph (03) 5359 1778

Warrnambool Hospital

Ground Floor, 33 Ryot St 
M-F 7.30am-5.30pm
Ph (03) 5563 1513


Hamilton Base Hospital

Foster St
M-F 8am-5pm
Ph (03) 5571 2952


32-34 Bridge St 
M-F 9am-5pm
Ph (03) 5430 0900

Traralgon West

LaTrobe Regional Hospital
Village Ave (Princes Hwy) 
M-F 8am-4pm
Ph (03) 5174 0800

Wangaratta Public Hospital

Clarke St
M-F 8am-4pm
Ph (08) 5722 5215


Semen Analysis Update: 

Please view our dedication information page, including collection instruction video. 

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