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Real-time results anywhere, anytime

Medway is a web-based application that gives you real-time access to Healius’ secure pathology lab database. This means that no additional software needs to be installed on your computer to access results seamlessly.

Instant access

As soon as the result is available from the laboratory, it will be ready to view via Medway, this means you’ll have access to your patients’ results quickly, efficiently and securely.

New Features

  • Increased search functionality, including new filters
  • Unique username and password
  • Update your account details online
  • View pending requests
  • Print off hard copy reports in a familiar format
  • View interactive charts
  • View cumulative results
  • Consolidate all your practice results into a single online database
  • Include or exclude specific doctors at the practice
  • Include or exclude doctors in practice in associated locations
  • Group results from specific surgery locations into a single online database
  • Group only results from specific doctors in your practice into a single online database.
  • Keep separate accounts for each separate location or alternatively consolidate all of your results from all of your surgery locations into a single online database.


To streamline the way you and your team access patients’ results in the future, simply register for access to the Medway Portal here.