Surgical Skin Audit

The Dorevitch Pathology Surgical Skin Audit has been created for doctors and specialists who have an interest in skin pathology and refer histology to Dorevitch Pathology. 

Audit Features

The audit will enable doctors to do the following:

  • Conduct a systematic review of clinical technique.
  • Assess identification and diagnostic accuracy, detection rates and histological performance in the practice setting. 

Doctors state wide can assess their practice and detection of histological and provisional diagnosis against peers in a confidential setting via graphical and statistical information generated from all registered participants. This information can then be used to inform and improve surgical practice with an aim to enhance the quality of care for patients.

Reporting Features

The National Skin Audit report has been updated and re written for the 2020 - 2022 triennium, providing a clearer, more information rich report.

Features include cumulative reporting at the end of each calendar year, enabling practitioners to observe and measure their outcomes and improvements against the audits learning needs.

Reports include information on number of patients biopsied, number of lesions, provisional diagnoses compared with histological diagnoses and surgical clearance rate for select excised lesions in easy to read and interpret graphical reports.

All results are completely confidential.

Note: Doctors must use the dedicated green Surgical Skin Audit Request Forms and complete the reverse side with their provisional diagnosis in order for their specimens to count toward the audit totals.

Request Forms 

Doctors will receive designated A4 Skin Audit Request Forms upon confirmation of registration. In order for specimens to be counted toward the audit totals, they must be submitted using the dedicated request forms and the reverse side of the form must be completed with the provisional diagnosis.


Surgical Skin Audit Registration Form

To register for the Surgical Skin Audit, please complete the audit registration form and email us at

Once the registration has been received and processed, you will receive a confirmation letter and a packet of Surgical Skin Audit request forms.

Education Points

Eligible GPs may attain the following after submitting 12 specimens on the dedicated green Surgical Skin Audit Request Forms:

  • RACGP: 40 points CPD Accredited Activity QI.
  • ACRRM: Units 20 Outcome measurment. Further information regarding Procedural Grant allocation can be obtained from ACRRM (Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine).

RACGP Activity: 181378

ACRRM Activity: 18578