Drugs of Abuse Screening

Dorevitch Pathology is a leading provider of drug and alcohol testing programs.

Our laboratories adhere to rigorous quality standards which means you can be assured of accurate, legally defensible AS4308 and AS4760 accredited results in a timely manner. You’ll also have access to cutting edge, scientifically proven analysis as well as a network of specialist pathologists, toxicologists and scientists and recognised expert witnesses.

Partnering with Dorevitch Pathology will enable you to incorporate the industry's best practices into your organisation’s drug and alcohol testing program.

This is a particularly important advantage since, through Workplace Health and Safety legislation, employers are responsible for providing a healthy and safe working environment where workplace hazards are identified and managed quickly.

Our partnership includes assistance in the design, implementation and management of your executive and staff health screening programs. We can also offer a range of service and product solutions including:

  • Laboratory-based testing
  • On-site screening products
  • On-site screening services
  • Australia-wide drug testing services

Laboratory-based testing

Urine drug testing has been considered the standard in employee testing for many years due to its accuracy, and relative cost.

Dorevitch Pathology analyses urine specimens for drugs of abuse that are validated to the highest standard. Cutting edge technology, combined with skilled laboratory staff and pathologists generate accurate analyses that ensures we are the market leader in this field.

Dorevitch Pathology is available to supervise and collect urine specimens from your employees or patients under accredited standards in one of our specialised facilities. Following collection, we transport that urine specimen to our central laboratory in a way that detects and highlights tampering with the specimen, and then analyse the urine specimen in our laboratory.

Contact us to organise an Australian Standard compliant urine drug screening program or an individual test, click here to email us.

On-site Testing Products

Dorevitch Pathology is the leading supplier of on-site testing products for employees and other testing programs in Victoria. More employers use our on-site instant testing products than any other product in the market.

Dorevitch Pathology is able to supply a variety of on-site “instant” test kits that enable you to make informed decisions about issues that might otherwise compromise safety of employees and your business. Our quality standards ensure that our on-site testing products are reliable and validated against laboratory standards. 

Urine based

Dorevitch Pathology is the exclusive supplier of the Alere™ Cup2. This cup style device gives a presumptive positive or negative result for the drug classes in 5 to 8 minutes. These cups are the most widely  used kit for onsite testing due to the quick turnaround of results, and their ability to test for adulterants to rule out any tampering of the specimen during the collection process.

Features of our Alere™ Cup2 include:

  • Confirmation to Australian Standard AS4308
  • Tests for the presence of 5 - 9 drug combinations, including:
      -  Amphetamines (AMP)
      -  Methamphetamine (mAMP)
      -  Opiates (OPI)
      -  Benzodiazepines (BZO)
      -  Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  • In built adulterant test to prevent tampering
  • In built Creatinine test to prevent specimen dilution 
  • Screw Lock lid to prevent leakage
  • Result interpretation guide
  • Split specimen sampling enabling easy inbuilt lab confirmation
  • No keys or activation steps
Saliva based

Whilst for many years, urine testing has been considered the standard in on-site testing, saliva testing is growing in usage. Dorevitch Pathology is able to supply to you a range of oral fluid testing kits. The instant saliva kit is widely used in industry as an alternative for reasons such as: location of staff testing, facilities, collection environmen and where urine collections are not favoured. Oral fluid test will give you a presumptive result in ten minutes.

Lab based confirmatory services of on-site products

To enable you to rely on the results of an instant on-site testing program for medico legal (including human resource) reasons, it is a requirement that the test results are confirmed by the more sensitive and accurate lab based liquid/gas chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis.

Lab based confirmations on urine specimens are usually only performed once a non-negative result is received from the initial screen. Only the drug class that produced a 'non-negative' result will be confirmed, with the purpose of eliminating any false positive results that may have been produced in the initial screen. Mass Spectrometry is considered by the courts as being the ‘gold standard’. Due to the method being more time-consuming and technically complex, there is a longer turnaround time for results than the initial screen.

Lab based confirmations on saliva specimens are usually only performed if a positive result is received from the initial screen. In contrast to urine confirmations, in the case of saliva confirmations, all of the drug classes including the negatives are retested and a new report is issued. Again due to the method being more time-consuming and technically complex, there is a longer turnaround time for results than the initial screen.

For lab based confirmation services prior administrative setup is required, to arrange please email commercial@dorevitch.com.au

On-site Screening Services

In addition to providing collection facilities throughout Victoria, point of care instant testing kits, and lab-based analysis, we are able to individually tailor our service solution to meet your testing program requirements.

Some examples of solutions provided include:

  • Our staff attending your sites to perform and supervise the collection of specimens for subsequent testing in our laboratories
  • Our staff attending your sites to supervise and perform instant on-site testing with collection of confirmatory samples for subsequent lab testing if required

To locate an accredited urine drug screen collection facility click here.

To customise your Drugs of Abuse Screening program, call us today on 03 9244 0444 to speak with a commercial department team member or email us.