Drug and Alcohol Screening

Dorevitch Pathology is a leading provider of drug and alcohol testing services in Victoria.

We offer services and products including:

Our laboratories adhere to rigorous quality standards and Dorevitch Pathology assures accurate, legally defensible AS4308 and AS4760 accredited results in a timely manner.

Laboratory Based Testing


Urine drug testing has been considered the standard in employee testing for many years due to its accuracy, and relative cost. Dorevitch Pathology is available to supervise and collect urine specimens from your employees or patients under accredited standards in one of our specialised facilities. Laboratory-based confirmatory testing will be performed when a non-negative result is received from the initial screen.


Whilst urine testing is generally considered to be the standard for accuracy, saliva or oral fluid testing is increasingly recognised as an innovative test format that provides fast and convenient specimen collections. The non-invasive method does not require special collection facilities necessitated by the privacy requirements of a urine collection.


Dorevitch Pathology can collect hair samples for referral for hair drug testing at select collection centres.  All samples are sent to our sister laboratory QML Pathology in QLD for testing. QML Pathology have been performing testing inhouse since 2015. Hair drug testing can potentially detect drug use months prior to the time of sample collection. We routinely report around 50 drugs and metabolites.

On-site Screening Products

Dorevitch Pathology is able to supply a variety of on-site “instant” test kits that enable you to make informed decisions about issues that might otherwise compromise safety of employees and your business. Our quality standards ensure that our on-site testing products are reliable and validated against laboratory standards.

Lab Based Confirmatory Services

To enable you to rely on the results of an instant on-site testing program, it is a usual requirement that non-negative test results are confirmed by the more sensitive and accurate lab based analysis. Dorevitch Pathology is able to offer this confirmatory service for both Saliva and Urine specimens, allowing you to incorporate the industry’s best practices into your drug and alcohol testing program.

On-site Screening Services

Dorevitch Pathology is able to provide qualified staff to attend on-site at your premises to perform instant drug screen testing and supervised specimen collections. Customised drug screening services can be requested through our Commercial Services Team.

Getting started with us

Getting started with us is easy. To start using Dorevitch Pathology as your partner in diagnostics all you need to do is request a quote online.