Dr Mark Levin

Dr Mark Levin


Haematology Pathologist in Charge

About Dr Mark Levin

Dr Mark Levin is a clinical and laboratory haematologist who graduated from the University of WA in Western Australia with his medical degree. Following a move to Melbourne, he then trained in haematology at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

A general haematologist with many years of laboratory  experience,  Dr  Levin  has  headed  up haematology both at Western Diagnostic Pathology in WA and at Dorevitch Pathology in Victoria. His role encompasses responsibility for the management of haematology throughout Victoria and diagnostic work including routine haematology and bone marrow reporting, coagulation plus the Warfarin dosing program, transfusion medicine, the autologous blood collection program and flow cytometry.

Dr Levin’s clinical expertise and advice assists in diagnosis and interpretation of pathology results and he conducts a clinical haematology practice consulting on clinical haematology matters.

Dr Levin’s areas of special expertise, apart from blood films, bone marrows and routine haematology are coagulation disorders, transfusion problems and cytogenetics / genetics (antenatal, constitutional and in leukaemia).

Special Interests

  • Coagulation disorders
  • Transfusion issues
  • Cytogenetics / genetics (antenatal, constitutional and in leukaemia).

Phone: (03) 9244 0384
Email: Mark.Levin@dorevitch.com.au