Men's Health Conference 2018

The Men's Health Conference provides a unique and valuable opportunity for clinicians, specialists and pathologists
to come together to explore current medical topics related to Men's health issues.

Dorevitch Pathology is committed to providing medical practitioners with ongoing professional education and development programs, including this conference, in it's 10th year which forms part of our annual education program. We hope that you find the program inspiring and relevant to your practice needs and enjoy the opportunity of meeting with your peers and medical experts in the area of Men's Health Issues.

This conference will be submitted to the RACGP QI and CPD program for category 2 points and to the ACRRM for PDP Core points for the 2017- 2019 triennium.

Places are strictly limited - A Waitlist has now been implemented  

To download the invitation, please click here.

For enquiries, please email